President of Mozambique Filipe Jacinto Nyusi has declared today, state of emergency for another 30 days as of June 30. At the same time, he also announced slight easing of some restrictions.
Nyusi started by highlighting “we are proud of what we have done so far”.
He stressed the need for a balance between health and the economy.
On March 30th, when the state of emergency was declared for the first time, Mozambique had eight cases of COVID-19.
Although much has been done, the president mentioned parties held with many people, improper use of masks, agglomerations and others.
On April 30th, first extension, the positive cases were 76 in total and, in that period the cases were concentrated in Cabo Delgado, Maputo Province and Maputo City.
When the president declared the second extension, the country had more than 200 cases.
Now, with a little more than 800 cases of coronavirus, Mozambique has provinces with cases of community transmission, which makes it complex for the health authorities to identify the source of infection.
One of the country’s biggest concerns was the outbreak at Afungi camp, where according to the President the outbreak is now controlled.
Despite these data,
– Filipe Nyusi announced school resumption in phases (general education, teacher education, technical and professional education and higher education). More info will be shared on a later stage
– Museums and galleries are allowed to reopen, limiting the number of people inside.
– Number of employees to be present at the workplace increased to 1/2
-Religious services continue to be restricted.
-Automatic extension of temporary visas, Dire and other related documents until 30th September. Even if expired
Again, the President appealed to the people to comply with preventive measures such as social distancing, washing hands several times a day with soap or ash and water, cough etiquette and wearing a mask in public areas.
A lot is to be done in the markets, bus stops and funerals. The President recommends the enforcement of the measures and strengthening inspection.
Source: Tv miramar
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