Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) Chairperson Gift Trapence has said they will be sending an invoice to United Democratic Front (UDF) presdeint Atupele Muluzi for using a convoy he was not entitled to.

Muluzi, who was running mate of former President Peter Mutharika in the recent fresh Presidential elections was assigned a motorcade befitting a sitting second in command.

He was a cabinet minister without the privilege of a motorcade.

“We are demanding payment for the use of a convoy sponsored by tax payer resources outside constitutional provisions,” said Trapence.

He also emphasizes that this was “against the law”.

“We expect the payment in full once our Finance and Administration Department finalizes the determination of the cost,” adds Trapence.

Writing on his Facebook page, Muluzi said if there is a bill coming on his way for using the presidential convoy he is willing to pay.

‚ÄúNotwithstanding though, if there is a bill coming my way I will gladly pay. I have resources for that,‚ÄĚ he challenged.

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