President Lazarus Chakwera has challenged Malawians to work hard in the process of building a new Malawi that will be benefit all people.

Chakwera made the call on July 6 during inauguration ceremony at Kamuzu Barracks in Lilongwe in which he received a sword of command from Malawi Defense Force (MDF) General Peter Namathanga.

The Malawi Leader said our founding fathers fought for national liberation and passed on the baton of national aspiration to those who fought for political freedom and this time we must all rise for economic liberation, which has been elusive in the past 26 years.
“It is no secret that this goal has been elusive for 26 years. It is no secret that we have had one administration after another shifting its post to the next election, promising prosperity but delivering poverty; promising nationalism but delivering division; promising political tolerance but delivering human rights abuses; promising good governance but delivering corruption; promising institutional autonomy but delivering state capture.
“And now, after 26 years of false starts and stale finishes, it is no secret that my generation has not only left our homeland unbuilt, but also in ruins. It is because of these ruins that our first task in building a new Malawi is clearing the rubble,” said President Chakwera.
The President said upholding the rule of law will be his utmost priority and would love to see the independence of the Judiciary and Parliament to thrive.
He said for the first time his administration will break the tradition of government secrecy by declaring his assets together with his vice Right Honourable Dr. Saulos Klaus Chilima.
The Malawi Leader said there’s need for collective responsibility to build a new Malawi by resolving issues and holding accountable those who act in retrogression to aspirations of the whole nation.
“When we promise to build new homes with a solid roof, electricity, and tap water, we do not just mean that we will bring investors to make this happen, but also that we will challenge you to work towards owning that home.
” When we promise to give 1 million youth and women capital to start their own businesses, we do not just mean that we will link them to markets and banks to leverage their gains, but also that we will challenge them to pay back the loan so that another. person has access to the same opportunity.
“The Tonse philosophy is not a campaign gimmick, but a governing philosophy that says: we either build together or crumble together,” Said President Dr. Chakwera.
The President spoke tough that it’s time we roll up our sleeves and get to work. Idleness shouldn’t be tolerated.
“The time of giving free handouts and rewarding noise makers and handclappers who are too lazy to work is past.We have a country to build and not a moment to waste. So let’s all get to work ! ” Emphasized President Chakwera.
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