Ntcheu District has registered an increase in road accidents and general crimes as compared to the same period last year, a development which police have described as worrisome.

In an interview on Monday, Ntcheu Police Spokesperson, Sub Inspector Hastings Chigalu said their biannual report dated July 1, 2020, reveals that the district registered 44 accidents from January to June in 2020 against 30 accidents registered during the same period in 2019.

He said of the 44 road accidents registered this year, 25 were fatal, seven were serious with 32 deaths and 82 casualties as compared to the same period under review in 2019 when 19 road accidents were fatal, six serious with 41 deaths and 89 casualties.

“Indeed, we have registered an increase in road accidents this year. However, despite recording a sharp rise in the road accidents this year, the six-month- period has seen a reduction in both the number of fatalities and casualties registered compared to the same period last year,” said Chigalu.

He said the police station also registered 16 murder cases this year against 11 registered in 2019 during the same period. 30 defilement cases have been registered this year compared to 15 cases during the same period under review last year.

Chigalu said police in the district remain vigilant to contain the situation and pleaded with all stakeholders and the community to take a leading role in preventing accidents and reporting suspicious matters to police to deal with crimes.

In a related development, Balaka Police Station has registered a two percent decrease in road accidents in the past six months compared to last year the same period.

The station’s Public Relations Officer, Felix Misomali told Malawi News Agency on Monday there is a reduction in road accidents because traffic police in Balaka intensified road checks.

“The station has registered 59 road accidents from January to June this year compared to last year’s 60 accidents registered during the same period,” the publicist said.

He added that Balaka Police have, this year, registered 17 fatal road accidents compared to last year’s 22 registered accidents during the same period, representing 23 percent decrease.

Misomali said this was due to intensive road checks by traffic officers along the district’s busy roads and intensive traffic awareness campaign among other factors.

“We’re currently working so hard to minimize the higher rates on serious and minor road accidents which currently are at 23 percent and 12 percent respectively. Damages due to road accidents have gone down by 13 percent,” he said.

The police have since appealed to all road users to continue following traffic rules and regulations to minimize road accidents.

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