OAP Daddy Freeze has sympathized with Ifekwe Udo, the founder of the church of satan in Abia State which had its building demolished by angry youths.

We earlier reported that the Assemblies of Light Bearer Greater Church of Lucifer popularly known as Church of Satan in Ohafia, Abia State was demolished by members of the host community, and founder arrested by the Police.

It was alleged that the founder of the church identified as Ifekwe Udo a.k.a Lucifer or Fada-Fada became popular in the past quarter of the decade, for his visible effort in providing employment opportunities for the jobless youths of the community.

Reacting to the development, Daddy Freeze wondered if there is still democracy in Nigeria which support freedom of worship.

He wrote:

“I think it is totally wrong to worship Satan. Demolish his building? Is this really democracy? When Gov. Wike demolished a man’s property for violating the lockdown were you not all shouting?

“I heard he was allegedly arrested for child trafficking, violating lockdown and other crimes, as well as terrorizing the community. Good, if this is true. I appreciate the police in this regard.

“But by the way, many of you in Churches with your white Jesus and die by fire wickedness are actually worshipping Satan, who has demolished your churches?

“Preach to him, show him the light and true love of Christ! Bringing down his church would only attract public sympathy to him.

“Christ did not destroy a single shrine in his life, instead he went into the church with a cane to flog the thieves.

“You want to drive Satan out? Do what Christ did, go into the church with a cane, the scriptures say judgement must begin in the church.

“After you have cleansed the church of the witchcraft, idolatry, mammon worship and thievery, only then can you proceed to the shrines.

“And don’t forget, Satan disguises as an angel of light, not this buffoonery”.

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