83-year-old man in Nigeria has allegedly been strangled to death by her wife who is in her early 70s.

It is reported that the suspect, Mrs Rose Uwaga who has ben arrested had a disagreement with her aged husband, which degenerated into fisticuffs at their residence at Ohobo-Afara Umuahia.

“During the fight, the man allegedly grabbed a machete to scare the wife, but the woman reportedly overpowered him.

“The machete fell off his hand and the woman, who is huge, pinned him down by the neck and strangled him to death,” a resident of the area told local media on conditions of anonymity.

Another account had it that the deceased might have slumped and died “out of exhaustion after his quarrels with his wife”.

“It is not possible that a woman of about 73 years can muster the strength to strangulate a man,” a friend of the family also said on condition of anonymity.

Reports further say that the relatives of the deceased rallied round to bury him shortly after his death, As stated by Islamic rites, before the matter was reported to police.

The suspect, who was said to have immediately gone into hiding, was later arrested and detained by the police.

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