By: Robert Kumwenda

This year’s Chewa Heritage Foundation (CHEF) cerebration is slated for August 1 where friends of the Chewa from the Southern Region Chapter will visit and make some donations in the areas of Senior Chief Malemia and T/A Tengani.

Publicity Secretary for the South Love more Katanda said the aim is to promote their culture, promotion of quality education through spreading of massage that discourage early marriages among young girls and some cultural practices that fuel the spread of HIV/AIDS.

“The other reason is to promote sanitation as you are aware hygiene is very important with the coming in of the COVID 19 that is claiming thousands of lives globally,” he said.

He said this is also part of the cerebrations for winning in the just ended presidential elections.

Katanda said the cerebrations have been organized following the cancellation of the Kulamba annually activity which usually took place at Mkayika at Paramount Chief Gawa Undi in Zambia because of the COVID 19.

He said during the cerebrations they will be distributing COVID 19 related materials like Face masks, sanitizers and other disinfectors to close the gap which is there in terms of disseminating the massages in as far as the COVID 19 is concerned.

“There will be also a social gathering among the members at Nsanje Port to map the way forward because it is believed that there are over nine million Chewa’s in Malawi,” he said.

Katanda said the organization has achieved a lot since its inception some five years ago saying that they have planted trees in the area of T/A Chapananga and opened another branch in the area of T/A Nankumba.

The Southern Region Publicity Secretary for the organization further said that they also have a branch in the area of T/A Kunthembwe where people meet every two weeks and they would want to extend their hands to other areas.

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