Malawi Defense Force (MDF) has warned the general public and unsuspected prospective recruits against fraudsters who are calling people that they have been considered for recruitment in the MDF.

In a press statement made available to this publication, MDF has said despite several warning to such people who are identifying themselves as MDF officials, the malpractice is still continuing.

MDF has since reminded the general public that the activity is a deceptive scheme aiming at tarnishing the reputation and good image of the department considering that the caller demands money dubbed as processing fee from the unsuspected prospective recruits.

The statement further recapped that MDF does not contact “the member of general public on any recruitment matter nor does it demand money,” adding that all recruitment related matters are made by/at MDF headquarters.

MDF has therefore urged the general public to report and take cautions of telephone from these criminal and MDF also warn individual involved in this practice. That the long arm of law will take its course once they are caught.

Earlier this year MDF released a vacancy calling for qualified Malawians to join the forces as regular soldiers, shortlist of names of candidates for interviews is yet to be released.

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