A 14-year-old girl was doused in petrol and torched to death by her uncle after her father barred her from marrying her cousin in Pakistan.

The girl’s father Mohammad Yousuf turned down a marriage proposal from his brother Mohammad Yaqoob, who wanted to wed the 14-year-old girl, named Sadia, to his son in Chiniot, Punjab.

The father had already promised the girl to another relative two months prior, according to Gulf News.

Police said last Friday, the uncle lay in wait until Sadia returned to her family home and doused the teen in petrol before setting her alight.

They added that she was left alone with her injuries and that no one was in the house.

After the attack, the youngster managed to escape from her home and was rushed to hospital, where she was later pronounced dead.

According to reports, the parents and other family members tried to cover up the crime, telling others that the girl had been injured and died in a horrific cylinder blast.

Police found contradicting factors in the statements of her parents and in-laws and eventually took the uncle into custody. He confessed during questioning.

Last month, the body of a 24-year-old woman was found after she was stoned to death in an honour killing in Pakistan.

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