A Nigerian man has shown that citizens in this country are with amazing skills to use indigenous solutions to drive the developments that the nation needs.

The unnamed man built a soakaway to generate cooking gas and electricity. The information about his creation and the pictures were shared via Twitter.

In one of the pictures, he could be seen building the soakaway like the one used for toilets, other pictures showed how he worked a pipe transferring the said gas into an industrial burner.

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Meanwhile in South Africa, Professor Amit Mishra issued a challenge to engineering students at the University of Cape Town to come up with design solutions to combat the threat of Covid-19.

Rowyn Naidoo is relishing the challenge and has invented an innovative UVC lighting system that disinfects surfaces and large rooms.

The smart short-wavelength ultraviolet-C (UVC) light system is cost-effective and essentially kills the virus that causes Covid-19, as per a report by the IES Photobiology Committee.

UCT reported the wonderful news via their website and Naidoo opened up about his groundbreaking creation.

Naidoo said: “I took the approach of how to actually kill the viruses while playing to my strengths as an electrical engineering student.

“I was aware of the use of UVC for this application and that it’s not in common use because of safety factors and cost.

“I then played around with these limitations towards a solution that is safe, feasible and cost-effective.”

UVC light has been utilised for ages but Naidoo has figured out a way to maximise the practical use thereof. Direct exposure to UVC light is harmful to humans, but Naidoo’s design incorporates a smart workaround.

The lighting system can be mounted in any room, such as lecture venues, cinemas or an office. The light will remain on while the room is empty and keep it disinfected.

However, it immediately switches off once someone enters the room, due to a built-in sensor. Another fantastic application of the device is that it can be used to disinfect face masks, thereby making them reusable.

An added benefit is that the light can assist in reducing the spread of other airborne illnesses such as tuberculosis, influenza and even the common cold.


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