United Democratic Front (UDF) President Atupele Muluzi has asked President Dr. Lazarus Chakwera to prove to the nation on allegations that MK1.3 trillion kwacha was plundered in public coffers 2019-20 financial year.

While commending Chakwera stand against Corruption, Atupele through his facebook post asked Chakwera to provide proof of his claims.

“President Chakwera informed Malawian’s during his weekend broadcast of a grand theft of public resources that he estimated to be 1.3 Trillion kwacha.

“Whilst I commend him for his stance against corruption however, we need full disclosure and evidence by the President as to how he was informed of such an alarmingly high figure.

Considering the annual budget of Malawi hovering around the same figure and considering that Malawi is on an IMF/World Bank program, this needs to be further explained. Following the discovery of “cashgate” theft during President Joyce Banda’s administration we had anticipated that we had sufficient checks and balances in place to have detected the plunder of such large sums,” wrote Atupele.

He added: “Theft of 1.3 trillion kwacha or of 1 kwacha is THEFT.

“I urge the Tonse Administration to present the evidence to the courts and they can count on my full support in their fight against corruption. It is an evil scourge in our politics that needs to be eliminated.”

Chakwera has declared total war on corruption and several top official of DPP including President Peter Mutharika’s aide Norman Chisale have been arrested.

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