By Orchestra Kamanga

Located in Trade Fair stand number 38b, battery world is planning to expand the company to all country’s districts within a year to create more job opportunity to many Malawians and create foreign exchange.

Speaking in an interview, the Founder and Managing Director for the company Leonard Mkaka Chipanda said the expansion drive came after  observing that there is high rate of unemployment in the country and want to employ people who did reconditioning plus  training  them.

“I started the company with the name battery Clinic but within 2 months I changed the name to be battery world because Battery Clinic was focusing recondioning only which is narrow than battery world which gives a room for diversifying with battery category,” he said.

Chipanda further said Battery world they sell batteries, recondition, repair backups systems, battery cars service and solar systems.

He further said in his study and research he discovered that 80 percent of batteries that are thrown out or dumped can be used for reconditioning while 20 percent cannot be reconditioned because  either of short circuit cell or open circuit cell.

Chipanda urged industry, companies and individuals who have old and weak battery to contact them before disposing to give them either at fee or free because those batteries are used as raw materials for battery production.

“Our customs who need our services we provide free battery for short period while we are reconditioning there battery,” he said adding that as much as they are selling new batteries their main focus is reconditioning.

He said apart from selling new batteries and reconditioning batteries he’s also engaged in Entrepreneurship like Data collection, Logistics, Paralegal just to mention but a few.

The equipment the compy use are produced by himself while others are imported.

Chipanda is a graduate with electrical engineering from the university Malawi, the Polytechnic.



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