According to the Deputy Minister of Lands, Abida Mia. has said the government will get back illegally acquired land in Zomba City (ZCC).

Mia attributed the call is in response to misappropriation in the distribution and allocation of plots. “Some people have right documents, but are in protected areas while some don’t have documents of proof” said Mia, outlined that her ministry will verify ownership of plots in the country and repossess the illegally acquired land.

“We will spare no officer who processed these illegal land transactions.” said Mia. Last year, the Malawi Congress Party  (MCP) legislator Alfred Jiya stormed the (former) Symon Vuwa Kaunda, urging Kaunda to act on the illegal sale of the Kauma graveyard in Lilongwe.

“They are ready to start dumping the dead bodies in the fence but before that we are demanding that the Minister should intervene and sort this out,” he said.

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