Malian MPs whose elections have been contested have said they won’t resign as recommended by five heads of state from the regional block Ecowas who are trying to resolve the political crisis in the country.

The MPs said the suggestion made by Ecowas violates the constitution.

The opposition has been demanding for the resignation of the president over corruption and some 31 legislators from his party whose elections were contested.

Ecowas proposed that the government and the opposition form a unity government and that the MPs resign to resolve the crisis.

President Ibrahim Keïta formed a crisis cabinet to champion the formation of unity government, but there was no word on the resignation of the MPs.

The prime minister met popular imam Mahmoud Dicko and asked him to lead the opposition in joining the unity government.

The imam told journalists that he had asked the prime minister to resign and that a second wave of protests would begin after the Muslim festival Eid-al-Adha.

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