Information sourced by this publication indicate that the Ministry of Homeland Security spent 13 million dollars, which is about 9.5 billion kwacha on eight contracts for importation of supplies meant for the Malawi Prison Service.

The contracts were supplied by a single supplier from the United Arab Emirates between February and June 2020.

According to the documents seen by this publication, the Ministry of Homeland Security spent 3,300,000.00 dollars which is about MK2,442,696,630.00 in buying 30,000 steel cups and plates for Malawi prison service.

This means that a cup and a plate was being bought at MK81,000.00.

As this is not enough, the Ministry of Homeland Security bought 10,000 handcuffs at MK110, 000.00 each totaling to Mk1,100,000,000.

Below is the contract;

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