A man in Kenya has been left with injuries after jumping off the rooftop of a four-storey building to escape a baboon attack.

Dickson Maina said he heard a commotion from outside of people screaming after seeing the baboon and curiosity got the better part of him that he climbed to the rooftop to see the animal.

In a viral video, once he was on the top, the animal came towards him and the man jumped off the building to evade the visibly hostile mammal.

Unfortunately, he fell on a wall made of iron sheets and onlookers started screaming hoping Maina was safe.

“The iron sheet cut my finger, and from the jump, and I also broke my arm and my face also sustained serious injuries,” Maina told the Standard.

“The crowd that was chasing the animal away came to my rescue after they saw me fall and rushed me to the hospital,” he added.

The victim said the doctor told him his injuries were not grave and would heal with time.

“If possible, I would like to be compensated for this because I will have to wait for my hand to heal before I can do anything,” Maina said.

Watch the Video Below!!!!

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