A 43-year-old woman from Ahmedabad has registered a complaint at Mahila West Police Station, levelling allegations of harassment for dowry against her husband. The complaint also mentioned that the accused even forced her to flirt with his male friends so that he could flirt with their wives in return.

Anupama (name changed) and Parth (name changed) tied the knot in 2002. Her family gave 50 tolas of gold as dowry to Parth’s family. Before marriage, her in-laws claimed that Parth has an MBA degree and owns textile mills. Six months after the wedding, the family began demanding a car and more dowry. Later, Parth allegedly thrashed her when she refused to ask her family to fulfil their dowry demands. In 2005, she delivered a baby boy and the following year, she discovered that Parth was not an MBA graduate.

The complaint told the police that she started a travel agency after taking a loan as her husband’s business was not doing well. At this time, he got involved in drinking and gambling. The complainant added that he even forced her to flirt with his friends so that he could flirt with their wives in return. In 2019, he left for the US, the complainant told Ahmedabad Mirror.

The complainant’s travel business suffered after the government imposed a nationwide lockdown in an attempt to mitigate the spread COVID-19. She asked her in-laws to return her jewellery, but they allegedly denied giving it back and threw her out of the house. Subsequently, she approached the police and lodged a complaint against her husband and his family members.

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