A 12-year-old girl allegedly started sending threatening emails to her father as she was upset with her parents for paying more attention to her younger sister. The girl was not arrested by the crime branch as she is a minor.

In the emails, the girl had allegedly threatened to kill the entire family of her father. The victim works as a chartered accountant with a multinational bank in China.

On July 18, the chartered accountant went to the Borivli police and alleged that he had received three threatening emails from China.

In the first email, the sender demanded Rs 1 lakh. In the second email, the sender wrote, “Sorry, you will have to give us 12 million…You can pay money online or by Amazon or PayTm. Our men are in Mumbai, they will come and kill everybody in your house. ”

In the third email, the sender mentioned that he would kill the entire family of the CA as he had turned to the police for help. The cops noticed that the sender of the emails had not mentioned the currency in which the money was to be paid and they suspected that a first-timer was sending them.

The case was later transferred to the crime branch that used technical analysis to locate the sender. As per the probe, the email account had been created on the CA’s IP address. When the cops started interrogating the family, they grew suspicious of the girl as he answers seemed evasive, The Times of India reported.

The girl was then questioned by a female cop in the presence of her mother. The girl confessed that she was upset with her parents as they were giving more attention to her 3-year-old sibling. The girl was not arrested but her parents were asked to send her for counselling.

Dr Yusuf Matcheswalla said, “Most children are internet-savvy with easy access to social media. In this case, it seems that the child is experiencing siblings jealousy. Her parents need to handle her with care. All the family members need to undergo counselling and find the cause of the problem. “

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