A 58-year-old man in Mangochi has killed a 64-year-old man by hacking him an axe after he caught him having sexual intercourse with his wife.

Police in the district have confirmed the arrest of the suspect, Wenasi Kasssim over the murder of Binali Mchenga.

The incident occurred in the evening hours of August 3, 2020 at Chilawi forest in Traditional Authority Namabvi in the district.

The deputy publicist for Mangochi police station Sub-Inspector Amina Daudi said rumors had been going around that the suspect’s wife was in a secret love affair with Binali Mchenga.

Daudi further said on this fateful day, the wife lied to the suspect that she was going to fetch firewood in the said forest.

“The suspect was surprised that his wife took longer than expected to return home which prompted him to make a follow up.

“Upon arrival, the suspect caught Mchenga red handed having sexual intercourse with his wife,” said Daudi.

The suspect hacked Mchenga on the head with an axe which the wife had brought for cutting firewood.

Kassim then run away leaving the victim unconscious in a pool of blood.

Mchenga was rushed to Mangochi District Hospital where he died upon arrival and Postmortem conducted at the same hospital revealed that death was due to loss of blood.

Wenasi Kassim who comes from Chilawi village, Traditional Authority Namabvi in Mangochi has since been charged with murder and will appear before court soon.


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