The phrase “Laughing my a** off” should be replaced with “Laughing my JAW off” after this!

While playing cards in a bid to fight boredom on a 28-hour train trip with her husband, this woman laughed so hard she dislocated her jaw. An innocent card game turned into a terribly painful experience.

The Chinese couple traveled from Nanning to Quingdao City, Shangdong, Elite Readers reports. As they knew the trip would be quite long, they took a deck of cards with them for when they get bored and have nothing else to do.

Getting too excited about the game, Ms. Qiao accidentally dislocated her jaw. Her husband shares she was laughing and screaming so hard because she had dealt a good hand during their card game. However, while having the time of her life, Ms. Qiao suddenly heard a pop in her jaw. She then realized she cannot close her mouth at all. The pain she felt was unthinkable.

Ms. Qiao’s husband immediately alerted the train’s staff about his wife’s serious condition. Realizing the severity of the situation, the train rushed to Guilin in the shortest possible time.

Medics were already waiting for Ms. Qiao in the city. She was later taken to a hospital. It took two hours for the doctors to put her jaw back in place.

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