While majority of people are reeling from the effects of covid19, some folks are going on about their lives like it is business as usual.

Man and wife who have been cheating on each other secretly bumped on each other in Lodging both with their secret Lovers.

The Man who eye witness say is Matatu Tout while the wife was working at her MPESA shop .

Things went haywire after the two met immediately after walking out of their rooms after having nice time.

They both went nuts at each other while throwing hurling insults.

The man claimed that he has been suspecting his wife for sometimes after her character changed in the house.

He claimed that at the beginning they were sharing phones with his wife freely but it reached a point where his wife inserted password on her phone.

The man claimed that they have been undergoing a lot of troubles in their marriage

Sensing a large number of crowd was gathering, they both took off and went their way as they feared getting disciplined by gathering crowd.

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