The Lilongwe Maseko Ngoni chapter has reserved holding of elections to choose new leadership, as one way of making sure that all preventive measures on Covid-19 placed by government are followed.

In an interview with Malawi News Agency (MANA), Chairperson for the chapter, Andrew Kamlopa Chisale, expressed his discomfort over the delayed elections prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, which has put on hold many things.

“As Lilongwe chapter, we are very worried that the elections have been derailed which were supposed to happen sometime back but have stalled due to the Covid-19.

“In the mean time we encourage members to take all matters of Lilongwe Maseko Ngoni society to the existing executive structures until elections are conducted,” said Chisale

The elections were canceled because they did not want them to be politicized since it was campaign time, and this time around the elections have stalled due to Covid-19.

“My further request is to ask every Ngoni in the capital city to stick to all pieces of communication that come from the heritage because such directives have the blessing of Gomani V, also known as Gumede (Supreme authority),” he advised.

He then encouraged parents to make sure that children are safe from the pandemic hence the need to adhere to government’s precautionary measures put in place like controlling movements.

“We invest our culture in children for its continuity therefore, my appeal to all parents and guardians is to take care of the abatwana (children) during this perilous period.

“To school going children, I appeal to them that they should not lose hope, but stand firm and desist from sexual habits that can jeopardize their education, health. Above all they should abstain from smoking, drinking excessively, which may be orchestrated by idleness during this long academic break,” Kamlopa Chisale said.

The chairperson also stressed on the need for Ngonis to rally behind Tonse Alliance led government development agenda and build a positive hope that things will change for the better in different dimensions as such that any convening gatherings would work parallel to safeguarding lives.

“As chair, I totally discredit any gatherings beyond government orders because Coranavirus is real and deadly, and the best preventive measure is to stay home and stay away from congested environments.

“I urge people to sanitize their hands, keeping social distance and most of all, to keep and follow the three principles of Ingwenyama Gomani V namely, Godliness, love and unity, this is the time to look up to God as the pandemic has hit us hard,” he added.

He said apart from wearing masks, sanitizing hands, keeping social distance and staying home, appealed to Ngonis who take utshwala (beer) to practice hygiene routines.

“We can stay protected if we avoid sharing one drinking cup, or one drinking gourd (chipanda), for a group, because the virus can worsen its spreading through this act.

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