By Orchestra Kamanga

Asian Business Community (ABC) Macbul Latif has commended the government for its stand to give rules and preventive measures to people in-order to curb further spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Government through Ministry of Health and Population and Presidential Taskforce on Covd-19 during press briefing  in Lilongwe announced that people should follow preventive measures like wearing masks in public places, 0nly 10 people should gather in church services, Bars should operate  from 2 P.M to 8 P.M and only 50 people should attend funeral services.

However,  Latif who is also one of the Directors of Health and Beauty wondered how these rules will be handled because they have not appointed the committee who will handle the matter.

“I Urge all Malawians (Citizen) to be responsible and I request the Community to adhere to government rules and follow them by wearing masks always,” he said.

Latif further said customers entering shops, Restaurants and other business places should put on masks all the time to stop further spread of Covid-19.




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