Lebanese Prime Minister, Hassan Diab has announced that, himself and the government have resigned in wake of last week’s deadly Beirut  blast.

Some cabinet ministers had already resigned after mass protests against the government erupted in the country.

Minister Hassan Diab said he was stepping down so that he can stand with the Lebanese people “and fight the battle for change alongside them.”

“I declare today the resignation of this government. May God protect Lebanon,”

“Today we are heeding the people and their demands to hold accountable those responsible for a disaster.”

Diab blamed his predecessors for the  blast which ravaged Beirut last week.

“They (political class) should have been ashamed of themselves because their corruption is what has led to this disaster that had been hidden for seven years,” he added.

“Their corruption created this tragedy. “Between us and change stands a thick wall protected by their dirty tactics,”

Lebanese president President Michel Aoun accepted the resignation by the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers, however he has asked the outgoing government to stay on in a caretaker capacity until a new cabinet is formed.

The massive blast was caused by the detonation of 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate stored unsafely at the port for years.

The mass protests following the bomb blast which killed more than 150 people, saw the cabinet under pressure to step down.

The protesters and government critics said  corruption and poor leadership by the Lebanese government is responsible for the deadly explosion .

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