In a shocking incident, a 40-year-old man, who is diabetic, was allegedly thrashed by his wife with a washing bat after he refused to have potato curry on Friday night. He has been advised by the doctor to not have potatoes because of his health condition. The following day, the affected man approached the police and lodged a complaint against his wife.

The complainant, identified as Harshad Gohel, resides in Sorainagar locality in Ahmedabad’s Vasna. In his complaint, he stated that he and his wife Tara Gohel often get into arguments. On Friday night, he asked her what she had cooked for dinner. She replied that she had prepared chapattis and potato curry.

“I objected to this and asked why she had made potato curry even when she knew it wasn’t good for his health. This did not go well with my wife who began abusing me,” a report by Mumbai Mirror quoted the complainant.

As Harshad protested against Tara for abusing him, she went to the washroom and returned with a washing bat. She then began brutally thrashing Harshad. Upon hearing Harshad’s cries for help, the family members rushed to the scene and rescued him. Later, the family took him to VS Hospital, where the medics found a fracture in his right shoulder.

The hospital has registered a medico-legal case. Meanwhile, Vasna police have initiated an investigation into the incident after registering an offence against Tara for causing hurt and abusing her husband.

In another husband, a 35-year-old woman allegedly kicked her husband to death at a village near Vadodara city. The accused later attempted to pass off the crime as an accident. However, her mother-in-law spotted some marks on her son’s body, following which she approached the police for conducting a post-mortem of the body.

The post-mortem report revealed that the man’s ribcage was broken, indicating foul play. The woman confessed the crime when the police interrogated her.

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