A Zimbabwean man in Gweru district allegedly hanged himself after fatally axing his estranged wife once on the neck following a dispute over suspected infidelity.

According to iHarare, Patience Matura age 22 received a love text message on her cell phone. This angered her estranged husband leading to a misunderstanding that turned violent.

Surprisingly even after a neighbor had spent 2 hours counseling the troubled couple, Pride Hove (30), still went on to axe Patience once on the neck before hanging himself with a rope from a roof truss at his lodgings.

Police spokesperson Inspector Joel Goko confirmed the deaths of Hove and his estranged wife Matura who were on separation.

It is suspected that on Monday at around 2 AM, Hove’s landlord, Mr. Phiri is also his uncle was in Masvingo when he called his neighbor Mr.  Mavhunduka requesting that he goes and checks on the couple since he had been that they were having a domestic dispute.

“Mr. Mavhunduka allegedly proceeded to the house to try to solve the dispute. The dispute was started when Pride Hove allegedly saw some text messages in Patience Matura’s phone and suspected that she was having an affair with someone,” said Insp Goko.

Mr. Mavhunduka returned to his place of residence after two hours of trying to counsel the couple to no avail. Concerned about the domestic dispute,  Mr. Phiri decided to travel to Gweru to handle the dispute.
“Upon arrival, he saw Hove’s body hanging from the roof truss through the window of the dining room and immediately proceeded to Gweru Central Police to make a report. He didn’t enter the house since all doors were locked. Police officers attended the scene,” said Insp Goko.

The lifeless body of Hove was found hanging from the ceiling. When the police officers proceeded to one of the bedrooms they also found Matura lifeless body laying on the floor in a pool of blood with an axe on her neck.

“The scene was attended by CID details. It is suspected Pride Phiri allegedly struck his wife once on the neck with an axe and she died on the spot before he committed suicide by hanging self on the roof trusses,” he said.

The bodies of the now-deceased were ferried to mortuary waiting for post-mortem.

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