GHANA – Efful-Etteh, a young man in Ghana, was captured fixing DStv for a client on his own wedding day .

In the videos, the man’s dedication to his work amazed so many people as they gathered to witness his courageous act.

The groom was seen fixing the different parts of the gadget as quickly as he could so he could go join his bride at church Our Manifesto.

This is what believes in A gentleman in Ghana has been captured in a viral video fixing DStv for one of his customers on his own wedding day.

The eye-popping video was sighted by on the personal handle of a lady identified as Yaa Melanin who was surprised by the incident and decided to share the footage.

In the video, the groom was spotted doing his very best to fix the gadget as quickly as he can while a car is waiting to take him to the church.

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