Namwera First Grade Magistrate’s court in Mangochi on Wednesday sentenced 19-year-old Yusuf Wisiki to 6 years in prison over charges of arson, malicious damage, and escaping from lawful custody.

The court heard through State Prosecutor Sub Inspector Blessings Madikhula that during the night of May 25, 2020, Masuku Police officers and community policing members arrested the convict’s relations.

One of the suspects, Jackson Wisiki, threw himself to a moving vehicle and sustained multiple injuries and died later at Mulibwanji Hospital.

During the night, Wisiki (the convict), out of anger, slashed maize in a garden that belongs to community policing chairperson, Ayatu Amidu.

Then he torched Amidu’s house before he broke down the door of a house of another community policing member.

The case was reported to Masuku Police Unit, leading to Wisiki’s arrest on July 17.

He pleaded not guilty to the three counts leveled against him and the state paraded three witnesses.

Wisiki asked the court for leniency saying he acted out of anger but the state prayed for a stiff sentence citing he is a threat to the security of the village.

Wisiki, however, immediately bolted from the dock before his sentencing and was rearrested two hours later by police and community members.

Passing sentence First Grade Magistrate Mtunduwatha Mpasu concurred with the state and instantly convicted Wisiki.

He slapped him with 6 years imprisonment for the first count of arson, then 2 years in prison for malicious damage and another 2 years imprisonment with hard labour for escaping from lawful custody.

The sentences will be served consecutively.

Wisiki hails from Masuku Village in Traditional Authority Bwananyambi in Mangochi.


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