Kenyan police are investigating how five female minors aged between 14 and 16 years old were put on family planning by a stranger.

The girls, who hail from Mwiyala Village in Lurambi Constituency, were last month approached by a community health officer, identified only as Gertrude, who convinced them to accompany her to a Health Centre, where she would “give them sanitary towels for free”.

Upon getting to the health facility, Gertrude is alleged to have had birth control implants put into the teenagers’ arms.

One of the girls, who developed menstrual complications a month after the 5-year hormonal contraceptive was fitted, disclosed to her parent what Gertrude had done to her and her friends.

The livid mother, thereafter, informed the other girls’ parents, who filed a report at a police station.

Police spokesperson, David Kabena, told K24 Digital that they have launched a hunt for the so-called Gertrude, and that once doctors confirm that the adolescent girls had been fitted with contraceptive implants, they would arraign the suspect upon arresting her.

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