The wife and children of a man who died from coronavirus are claimed to have committed suicide because they were shunned by villagers following his death.

Parimi Snuneetha, 50, her son Narasaiah Phanikumar, 25, and 23-year-old daughter Lakshmi Aparna, jumped to their deaths near their home in Andhra Pradesh, India, on Wednesday.

Police said the family sank into depression following the death of 52-year-old Narasaiah from Covid-19 four days before they died, India Today reports.

Officers claimed they felt “humiliated” after relatives and friends failed to comfort them following Narasaiah’s death.

A suicide note was found in the family’s car, which stated they were the victims of the social stigma surrounding the virus.

Social stigma around coronavirus in India has seen some sufferers and their families being treated as outcasts.


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