Zodwa Wabantu is the Queen of Extra and always manages to remain a talking subject even if she does something so mundane.

Ever Since President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that lockdown had moved to level 2 and relaxed some sectors, Zodwa revealed that people are flocking to book her for gigs.

Zodwa said she will now be charging R25 000 for a single gig!

That such a high price, but then Zodwa is good at what she does, otherwise she wouldn’t  have lasted this long in the business.

Meanwhile Zodwa has been running battles with her ex toy boy Vusi Ngubane.

It all started when Vusi showed off his new girlfriend on social media and then Zodwa called for his arrest citing that Vusi defrauded her and he bought a brand new Audi using her name.

Vusi denied the accusations and said he never defrauded her and he has been to the Police to present himself but was told that there was no case.

Their cold war came to a head on when Zodwa stormed Vusi’s place of residence demanding money which she claims that he stole from her. She was filmed attacking Vusi’s sister, grabbing her by the collar.

Now that the relationship has died, Zodwa is still vexed by Vusi’s treatment.

This was after I’d done so much for him, buying him an expensive watch, phone and clothes,”

Zodwa revealed that contrary to popular opinion, she is not bitter about the way things ended with Vusi but she just wants him punished by the law for what he’d done to her.

“He did me wrong. This is about more than money. He took my phone and used it under false pretences to acquire a car sponsorship. He’s going to pay for his sins,” she said.

“Little did I know that I was sleeping with a fraudster and a psychopath” she fumed

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