A 25-year-old man in Kasungu has intentionally hit to death a 48-year-old man over a debt amounting to k35,000.

The deceased has been identified as Baxter Ngoma and the suspect identified as Benjamin Phiri who committed the crime on August, 20, 2020 at Chisinga Trading Centre in the district.

According to reports, the deceased hired a motor vehicle registration number KU7292 Canter 3 tonner which Benjamin Phiri drives to carry his sunflower cakes from Zambia to Mphomwa and was charged to pay K35,000.00.

However, it is alleged that Ngoma failed to fulfill his promise to pay Phiri his money as per their agreement, a thing which didn’t go well with Phiri.

On Thursday, the two met at Chisinga where Phiri started demanding his money from Ngoma.

In the course, a quarrel erupted and some people came and quelled the situation. As Ngoma was leaving the place on his motorbike, Phiri started the engine of his motor vehicle and hit him in a fit of anger.

Ngoma was rushed to Kasungu District Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

Meanwhile, Phiri has been charged with murder and will appear before court soon.

Baxter Ngoma hailed from Mzamu village in the area of traditional authority Mphomwa while Benjamin Phiri comes from Chafukila village, traditional authority Chisinga in Kasungu district.

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