An 11-year-old girl who saw her sister with her boyfriend had to pay with life after she was brutally murdered in Chhattisgarh’s Korba. The 16-year-old girl and her boyfriend were together when her parents were not at home.

The incident took place on Friday night. The duo first suffocated the minor with a pillow and then hacked her with an axe. Initially, the girl told the cops that she had killed her sister after they had a fight over using a mobile phone.

On Friday, the 16-year-old girl’s parents had gone to a neighboring village to attend a festival. At night, the 11-year-old girl woke up from her sleep and saw her teen sister with her boyfriend and was brutally murdered.

When the family returned on Saturday morning, they saw neighbors standing out of their home, looking at the dead body of the 11-year-old girl. During the interrogation, the 16-year-old girl stated that she had woken up early in the morning to find her sister playing games on her mobile phone. When the younger sibling refused to give back the phone, the 16-year-old claimed to have hacked her to death.

The police, however, grew suspicious of the teenager as she was evasive and kept changing her statement. The case took a different turn when the police noticed tyre marks of a bike outside the house of the deceased along with a mask.

On checking the phone of the 16-year-old girl, the police noticed that her call details had been deleted. The cyber police later revealed that the girl had made calls to one number. On checking, the police learned that the phone’s location was the same as the girl’s home at the time of the incident.

The phone number was registered under Vinay Jagat’s name. Jagat initially refused to have played a part in the murder but later broke down and confessed. The two accused were then arrested under the POCSO Act, Juvenile Justice Act and Indian Penal Act (IPC).

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