A group of prostitutes have pounced on an Evangelist identified simply as Matthew, beating him to coma for daring to preach in front of their premises in Lagos.

Mathew who preaches in a popular church in Ejigbo, Lagos, had gone to carry out his Evangelical duties, by preaching to the lost flock. Little did he know that he would receive the beating of his life on the fateful day.

The incident happened on Friday, August 14, would remain evergreen in his memory.

According to an eyewitness identified as Theresa Okwudili, trouble started for the 36-year-old man of God when he stood at a close range to Golden hotel, Ejigbo, and began preaching to the women of easy virtues and their male clients to forsake their sinful ways and turn to God for deliverance and salvation.

Reports had it that, the pastor’s constant decrying of their flesh-trade, irked the commercial sex workers who weren’t finding it funny.

However, when it seemed to them that the preacher was not in hurry to end his sermon, Hannah, said to be one of the most notorious members of the ‘sex workers’ decided to take the bull by the horns.

“She angrily brought out a bucket of water and poured the man of God. As he was still trying to figure out what was going on, another prostitute advanced towards him and started pushing him away. He was almost pushed to the gutter but for timely intervention of passers-by,” Theresa said.

Another eyewitness who gave his name as Uchenna Kingsley said;

“That was not the first day he was preaching at that place. But he didn’t use to get so close to the brothel premises as he did on this occasion. To me, I believe he overstepped his boundary because he knew the place was an unholy zone; he should have treaded more carefully.”

According to Kingsley, most times, if not all the time, he uses the Bible verse, 1 Corinthians 6: 18-20 which talks about fleeing from fornication

“He uses that verse interchangeably with Proverb 6 verse 32, which also revolves around fornication and adultery,” Kingsley said.

All efforts to reach the Evangelist proved abortive. But it was gathered that he did not make any attempt to fight back the ladies, he described as “daughters of Jezebel”.

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