Reports reaching this publication indicate that Director of Elections for the former ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) Ben Phiri has resigned.

In a press statement directed to the office of Secretary General of the party, Phiri who is also a member of parliament for Thyolo Central sad it was an honor for him to be appointed as the party’s Director of Elections.

According to Phiri, the decision to resign from his post has come following the loss the party encountered in the court sanctioned fresh elections held on June 23, 2020.

Phiri quickly pointed out that under his tenure as the party’s Director of Elections, they made it to government in the 2019 tripartite polls, unfortunately, the results were nullified by the Constitutional Court.

“Madam Secretary General, as Director of Elections I surely cannot claim to have any fresh and viable strategies to spur the party another victory having lost the past one,” said Phiri.

He added; “I therefore deem it noble and civil for me to follow the tradition in the civilized and mature democracies where such a loss would for responsible office bearers to step down and pave way for fresh minds to take the party forward.”

Among others Phiri, said he was being accused of selling elections to the then opposition parties for personal gains of which he said the allegations were “very disturbing and defamatory”

Phiri said it “certainly questions his character and clearly the office requires trust from the bearer which for me has been a lost”

Phiri further called on DPP members to take full responsibility of its own resolutions following accusations made on Him and DPP’s spokesperson Nicholas Dausi over the agreement the party made in safeguarding votes in the central region.

“Owing to the above issues, I am hereby resigning from my post of Party Director of Elections. This is not the mandate that I have signed up for. I was retained to steer the party to an electoral victory. Regrettably I have failed my mandate,” said Phiri.

He was quickly to point out that he has not resigned from the party’s membership sating he will continue rendering his support to the part as they have embarked on reclaiming there victory.

“Be assured that I shall continue to serve as the DPP Party Member and Parliamentarian,” he said.

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