Rapper Cardi B reacted angrily to being compared to Melania Trump, by releasing a naked photo of the US First Lady.

Cardi B reacted to being compared to US First Lady, Melania Trump, by releasing a naked photo of Melania from her days as a model.

It began with political correspondent DeAnna Lorraine saying: “America needs more women like Melania Trump and less like Cardi B.”

Cardi B quote-tweeted Lorraine’s tweet and wrote: “Didn’t she used to sell that Wap?”

Cardi B shares naked photo of Melania Trump after political correspondent slammed her 1

But racy evidence of the shoot only emerged in August 2016 – and her husband couldn’t be prouder.

Mr Trump said: “Melania was one of the most successful models and she did many photo shoots, including for covers and major magazines.

“This was a picture taken for a European magazine prior to my knowing Melania. In Europe, pictures like this are very fashionable and common.”

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