Immediate past President Professor Arthur Peter Mutharika has come under fire for kicking out Grezelder Jeffrey from her post as Secretary General of Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), barely two months after losing the fresh Presidential polls.

Her firing follows remark she made that Mutharika needed to be replaced through a possible early convention, having played his part.

The remarks did not please Mutharika who reacted by firing her from the post.

The firing of Jeffrey has attracted anger from Malawians who accused Mutharika of being undemocratic for not accommodating people with dissenting views.

One of the concerned citizen identified as Mavuto Tambudzayi Banda: “These DPP goons are just confused now.They literally don’t know what is good or bad now.The least to do now is to change leadership to save their reputation which is already in ruins.But instead of doing that,they are firing somebody who is suggesting to do the right thing masterminded by the “old school”himself.He is very arrogant to surrender his family asset.”

Concurring with Banda’s remarks Osmund Majozi: “The president of dpp has no rights whatsoever to fire anyone who was elected by dpp members. The sg can go to court to seek remedy.

Benard Mbukwa also wrote: “It’s a unfortunate for the seemingly Mighty DPP. The only solution that remains in that party,which is now on its death bed,is change of leadership. Unfortunately,the old man seems to be against the idea.He is too arrogant and egocentric.He feels he is the only person to lead the party despite smashing it against a very hard surface and dismantling it.Anyone suggesting change of leadership is regarded as turning against him.Instead of collecting all the broken pieces of the party,the old man is busy scattering them.Very sad development.”

Meanwhile Mutharika has called for an emergency meeting in Mangochi.

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