Senior Chief Kilipula of Karonga district has chased all the people who didn’t put on masks during a meeting organized by CCJP Karonga diocese at Kiwe primary school.
Kilipula told the gathering Wednesday that time has come for the people in the country to start respecting the laws set by government.
“I am not trying to be tough on you but we need to take the covid-19 preventive measures seriously if we are to win the fight against coronavirus,” he said.
Kilipula then stopped the Reverend who wanted to open the meeting with a word of prayer to let those who were not mask up to leave the venue of the meeting.
Elias Phiri one of the people who was chased away said he didn’t do that deliberately but he just forgot it.
Several people went back home to collect their masks while others went to nearby trading center to buy masks in oder to attend the meeting.
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