By Robert Kumwenda and Orchestra Kamanga

Healthy and Beauty (H & B) Care Private Limited the manufacturers of cellodent tooth paste, H and B Candles, body lotion and fairness cream says it has taken them ten good years to promote their products on the local market to reach to the top.

Chief Executive Officer for the company Macbul Latif said cellodent tooth paste and fairness cream have become brand products now on the local market.

He said their products are equally of good quality comparing with imported products saying that their uniqueness is that people need them every day.

“We have customers all over Malawi and we have targeted all wholesalers who are reaching out to our customers. Our aim is to increase more products on the market and we have ordered some machinery to increase production on the existing products,” he said.

Latif, however said is worried because everything is going high and high like electricity and expenses thereby lowering production.

He said for the local industries to be successful there are two things that must be available and these are power for production and foreign currency for raw materials.

The H and B CEO said they are also facing challenges on the importation of raw materials because China is producing and India has started producing small quantities.

He also said shortage of foreign currency is another challenge because they have the kwacha but the banks are failing to provide the foreign currency.

The company started in 2009 and its Head Office is in Limbe along Churchill road opposite FDH Bank.







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