Renowned Blantyre-based musician Patience Namadingo has nodded to calls made to him to intervene e in the situation f a Salima woman who has just given birth to twins and is filing to breastfeed them due to other complications.

Yesterday, Zodiak online carried out a story regarding Fedda M’bwana of Salima district from the area of Traditional Authority Pemba is struggling with her life as she has a swollen stomach making hard to breast her children she has just given birth.

According to Zodiak, the mother and her children look malnutrition and that they have no food in their house hence calling for people to support them for medical treatment.

Immediately after Zodiak posted the story, a lot of people commented calling the Mapulani hit maker to come to the rescue of the woman considering what he has done for William Kachigamba within the week.

Writing on his Facebook page Namadingo said he has heard the calls and he will act on it in no time.

“The News I have for this woman and her babies is the Hallelujah moment of their Lives.  I’ll break the news at 4:00 pm today. I just have 1 more step to take. But don’t worry I have this under control. All is well, I have an air tight idea that will work for our best possible results,” said Namadingo.

Namadingo has however applauded other people who have created a WhatsApp group with an aim of helping the needy woman, saying is the way to go.

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