President Dr Lazarus Chakwera says it is high time Malawians walk the talk and take full responsibility in developing their country.

He made the remarks Thursday in Lilongwe when he officially opened the first ever national development conference in Lilongwe, organized by the National Planning Conference (NPC).

This is a two day conference that will see stakeholders discuss and validate emerging vision, pillars and enablers, raised from nationwide consultations the NPC made, on what Malawians would like to see under the National Transformation 2063, a successor vision of Vision 2020.

Chakwera challenged that it is high time Malawians walked the talk in developing the country, and get everyone on board.

“We must remember as we discuss these things that nowhere is it truer than in matters of national development that talk is cheap. Building a new Malawi is a task for our hands, not for our lips.

“For this reason, a gathering like this cannot just focus on the new kind of nation we must build for ourselves. We must also focus on the new kind of citizen we ourselves must be if we are ever going to build such a nation,” said Chakwera.

The theme of the conference is “Beyond Political Freedom to Inclusive Wealth Creation and Self-reliance. The theme has been derived from the idea that Malawi has for long enjoyed political freedom, but it is high time now the country achieved inclusive economic growth.

The 2063 new transformation focuses on poverty reduction to wealth creation, transformation of the economy from import based to export based and mindset change. It is being held both physically and virtually.

Chakwera said the gathering should provide an opportunity for everyone to remove all drawback negativities, and reframe the story of what Malawi herself can do.

He said it is high time Malawi realizes that as a nation, whatever development she lacks is not as a result of another nations fault, but because Malawians themselves have not built it.

As such he said Malawians should take the responsibility of developing the nation and start seeing themselves as fulfillers, makers, developers and fixers and not mere dreamers or planners.

“If we want a new Malawi, we must accept that it is we who must build it with our own resources. A new Malawi is not a gift to be received by a cheque from abroad, but a goal to be reached by a resolve from ourselves. Reaching that goal is a task for all of us, not just the government.

“In fact, my mission as President is to leverage the government in service to the people so that the citizens themselves have the capacity to build a new Malawi. My mission is to see the government move away from making citizens beggars to making citizens bigger. It is my expectation that this conference marks the beginning of that transformation,” he said.

The conference has attracted the participation of various players of the economy, from the public and private sector, cabinet ministers, developmental partners, experts in various fields, youth representatives, and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) representatives amongst others.

These are expected to discuss on what to adopt and how best Malawi can proceed to achieve its vision set in the National Transformation 2063.

The new National Transformation 2063 document is expected to be ready by January 1, 2021.

Vice president Dr Saulos Chilima who made his remarks virtually said Malawians are expectant for a better Malawi and the country does not have a single day to waste in as far as development is concerned.

“This is a time for us all as Malawians to die a little and work hard towards developing this beloved nation,” said Chilima.

Chilima who is also minister responsible for Public Sector Reforms said the ministry remains geared to support the NPC so that it achieves its mandate.

Various stakeholders also pledged their support towards Malawi’s new vision.

For example, Speaker of Parliament, Gotani Hara while pledging Parliaments support encouraged all Malawians to define their destiny and hold office bearers responsible, while Edward Twea on behalf of the Chief Justice pledged the judiciary commitment of delivering justice independently.

Chairperson for Council for Non Governmental Organizations, Kate Harawa and on behalf of CSOs committed to work with government on the transformative initiative so as to fully meet Malawians aspirations, while Benoir Theirry on behalf of UN bodies in Malawi said they remain committed to working with government on its various transformative initiatives.


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