Happy marriages are most likely to last longer and have a low risk of divorce. While happiness cannot be forced on a marriage, a couple can work together to ensure they meet each other’s expectations and make each other happy. Here is a list of signs that predicts the longevity of a marriage:

1. You lift each other up When married, partners are supposed to support and respect each other above all else. If these elements are active in a relationship, communication between the two partners will usually lift each other’s spirits instead of breaking them down.

2. You share the same financial views and values Money-related issues are usually the biggest causes of divorce. It is important to determine how similar you and your partner’s views and values are when it comes to finances. If the two of you are able to work together during difficult times and easily sort out differences, it is a sign that the two of you are in a happy marriage.

3. You accept each other During the first few months in a relationship, both partners are filled with love and romance. As time goes by, this feeling starts to go away and the inner imperfections of both partners come out. Partners who are able to accept each other, no matter what their weaknesses or imperfections are, are bound to have a happy marriage.

4. You’re able to compromise Relationships in which both partners are able to put away their pride and admit when they have made a mistake are said to last longer. Couples who are able to compromise and able to accept each other’s mistakes are usually happier together.

5. You spend quality time together. While you both have busy lives, it is still important to spend time with each other when married. It doesn’t matter if it’s the entire day or simply an hour or two, spending some quality time with your partner leads to happiness and a better connection between the two of you. Couples who spend time together often are also usually happily married.

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