Why do younger men who date older women always have a habit of hiding the woman they are dating? Is love not a beautiful thing that deserves to be flaunted for all to see? Afterall, not everyone is lucky when it comes to love.

Love has no creed, colour, religion or boundary. It’s a unique feeling that brings out the best in all of us.

While some are quick to find it, it takes many years for others to find love. Others simply allow it to pass by without realizing it.

Older men are known to have penchant for younger ladies. This has seen many young man complaining

So what does one do when the heat gets too much to bear in the kitchen? Well when it comes to love you don’t exist the kitchen. When the kitchen gets too hot, you simply find an older lover.

Many men who date older women are known to hide their lovers.

But a Mzansi couple has caused a sensation on the internet after they started posting photos of their love life for all to see.

There is no harm in showing off love for 24 year old Thabang Ratunga and 57 year old Lizzie Nkosi. They have been together for many years and their love life is no longer a secret to those who personally know them.

Inspite of the fact that she is nearly 60, having a younger lover seems to have rejuvenated her younger self.

“When you wake up smiling and feeling the love lighting up all the veins of your body, you know it has struck you in the right place. I love you Thabang,” she said in one of her Facebook posts.

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