There is nothing challenging for African people ladies to meet their in-laws.

This gender struggle and wonder what will happen when she gets there in boyfriend’s family.

Lady will take out her whole trying to find clothes that could fit her well and put her in good books

Here Donald, Twitter user shared a fascinating story of a man who had and decided to take her girlfriend to visit his family for the first time.

Things got nasty on their arrival. She was told to wipe off her make up.

Boyfriend’s mother stretched it out by offering her wipes but his girlfriend turned in down.

The post was trending with many Nigerians reacting with thousand likes.

Donald explained here;

“This guy carried his girlfriend to meet his family in Ibadan, his mother and sister asked the girlfriend to wash her make up so they can see her, she wasn’t cool with that, they offered her wipes or something she refused too.”

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