A recent video that has been doing the rounds on social media has exposed the brutality of child assault that minors are subjected to by their own family. In the video, a child is being tortured by his own grandmother in barbaric ways.

The heartless woman can be seen holding the hands of the child as the two of them sit on the floor. Another woman, who appears to be a family member is sitting next to the child.

Other women laughed at child’s misery

The woman drops burning hot candle wax on the child’s hands, not once but thrice. The woman also punched the child on his head, stomach and back. The torture did not end here, the woman could be seen putting a tissue over the child’s mouth, signalling him to stop crying. Other women, who seem to be present in the room can be heard laughing at the child’s plight.

The video was shared by several people on social media and National Commission for Women (NCW) Chief Rekha Sharma was quick to respond to one of the tweets. Replying to a tweet posted by cricketer Sumit Kumar, Sharma inquired about the location of the incident from the user.

As per Asianet Newsable, the woman in the video is the child’s grandmother. The child is said to be 2-years-old. The child’s mother had left him under the supervision of his grandmother to take care of her newborn.

The child had been stung by a bee but was insisting to go out. Irked at the child’s adamance, the woman allegedly assaulted him. A case was registered against the accused.

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