Centre for Democracy and Economic Development Initiatives (CDEDI) has penned Acting Inspector General of the Malawi Police Service questioning transfers of some law enforcers in the country.

In a letter dated September 8, 2020 addressed to Dr. George Kainja and copied to Minister of Homeland Security, Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs and the Public Appointments Committee of Parliament, CDEDI has asked Kainja of being unprofessional.

CDEDI Acting Executive Director Sylvester Namiwa has accused Kainja of ill-treating fellow officers.

“Sir, the media has been awash with reports that since you became the Acting Inspector General Police, you have effected so many transfers of very Senior Police Officers including the transfers of Commissioner Tedious Samveka, Deputy Commissioner Wandale, Deputy Commissioner Richard Luhanga, Deputy Commissioner Stain Chaima, Deputy Commissioner Noel Kayira, Assistant Commissioner Gerald Chiwanda, Assistant Commissioner Isaac Norman, Assistant Commissioner Chisale, Assistant Commissioner Nthenda, Assistant Commissioner Somanje, Assistant Commissioner Mrs Mkwamba, Assistant Commissioner Chafikana, Assistant Commissioner Chikhungu and more. These are quite Senior Police Officers in the Malawi Service.

“Kindly take note that these Senior Police Officers have not complained to us directly but we have picked the names from the media reports. CDEDI feels it has the right to raise this matter in line with section 15 of the Constitution of Malawi which mandates any person, legal or natural, to raise human rights issues affecting any person.

“As a civil society organisation, we feel have the obligation to raise this matter as we believe many Police Officers have been suffering without any support from the civil society. Any reforms in Malawi have to start from within the Malawi Police Service,” reads in part the letter.

Effort to talk National Police Spokesperson James Kadadzera proved futile on the matter.

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