The Tonse administration says it will keep its manifesto that ushered it into Government.
Leader of the House Richard Chimwendo Banda disclosed this in Parliament in response to remarks by leader of opposition Kondwani Nankhumwa who said it has nothing to show on all promises made.
Nankhumwa pinpointed gaps that were supposed to be addressed by the State of the nation Address (SONA).
He said the Tonse Administration made colourful promises but he emphasized that there’s nothing tangible on the ground since the new Government took office.
” I know that the Tonse Administration promised universal subsidy, that’s what people are asking for. You remember they promised one million jobs, three months down the line how many jobs have been created? They also promised free connection of water and electricity that is nowhere to be seen,” said Nankhumwa.
However, Banda said Nankhumwa’s remarks were unfortunate and he expected him as an experienced politician not to make such misleading remarks.
He said Government is working round the clock to make a new Malawi which prioritizes the needs of the citizenry.
“The Tonse Administration has been in Government for less than sixty days. The most awaited promise is the cheap fertilizer and that is going to be fulfilled.
Today the leader of opposition mentioned that Government is targeting 4.3 million farmers across the country yet the DPP administration prioritised 900,000 farmers.
According to our records we have 4.2 million farmers across the country. So it means each and every farmer will have an opportunity to buy fertilizer.
“The leader of opposition knows that not everything can be in the SONA, The SONA is a policy document while the budget is a detailed document. I know he knows all this but he just wanted to be political,” said Banda.
Members of the August House are expected to continue deliberating on the SONA up to Thursday this week.
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