Last week angry Kenyans descended upon their member of parliament, Geoffrey King’ang’i after he failed to live up to his role.

Geoffrey King’ang’i who was at public function, found himself fleeing when residents mobbed him.

King’ang’i who is a retired  Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) colonel ran for his life on foot as  the residents pursued him.

In July 2020, a report released by Kenyan Parliament watchdog Mzalendo Trust ranked King’ang’i as one of the most silent MPs who rarely participates or contributes anything in parliament.

The furious  Mbeere South residents were tired with with King’ang’i’s poor performance and a failure to fulfill his 2017 pre-election promises.

Kenyan MP Flees

The angry Mbeere South residents barricaded a road in the area in protest over its poor services.

Godfrey King’ang’i is famous for telling Mbeere residents  to use pepper to smoke out locusts from their farms since the sprays were not killing the insects as fast as expected.

Geoffrey King’ang’i said since the residents use pepper smoke to effectively rid the area of other insects, they should also do it on the creatures which are wreaking havoc on the farms.

Kenyan MP Flees

It is not an uncommon feat for constituents to hate their representatives for failure to fulfill their promises.

Most members of parliament don’t even stay in their own constituencies, they are only sighted during election season when they appeal for votes.

It is not new for MPs to make promises they have no intention of fulfilling to the people.

Some people do not even know their MPs personally, they only see them on campaign posters.

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