Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has distanced itself from remarks made by its second Vice President Harry Mkandawire on MEDF loans, saying the remarks do not represent the views of the party.

Mkandawire is on record to have told the people of Karonga that MCP supporters will be prioritised in the MEDEF loans disbursement because President Lazarus Chakwera is the party’s leader.

“The first people to obtain those loans [will be] members of MCP. The first people to get the loans will be you, the children of President Lazarus Chakwera, because Chakwera is the President. It is his face that we saw on the ballot paper and he was the one sworn in as President. Do you really think he can forsake his children?

“Let me say this, I have heard stories about forms, but who is the President now? Can you have two Presidents at a time? The forms which were given out, I want you to go and tell them that Mkandawire says they are fake,” said Mkandawire.

Mkandawire’s remarks attracted mixed reactions with many criticizing him and others went further by calling upon the President to discipline Mkandawire.

But reacting to the Mkandawire’s remarks, MCP Spokesperson Maurice Munthali distances the party Mkandawire’s statement.

“The remarks made by Mkandawire are not the views of the Party because government policies are not policies of an individual,” said Munthali.

When asked as to whether Mkandawire’s remarks signals divisions in the party, Munthali said everything is alright in the alliance.

Meanwhile, University of Malawi’s Chancellor College political science lecturer Mustapha Hussein has said the use of Medf for political gain was regrettable and unfortunate.

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