Group Village Headman Tengatenga of Kawale Township has asked for support of basic needs towards the elderly during this COVID- 19 period.

The Village Head was speaking on Saturday in Lilongwe after Ntunthama Lions Club donated food items and masks to assist the elderly in the area.

She said the elderly face a lot of challenges in the society to find basic needs such as food because they have limited means of getting money to buy those items due to their age.

She added that COVID -19 has made it worse for the elderly leaving them with no food in their homes.

She therefore commended the club for the donation saying that it will help them a lot for the time being.

Ntunthama Lions President, Veronica Ndalama said what pushed the club to have the donation is the COVID-19 pandemic which has put a lot of things to a stop as such people are not able to assess a lot of things.

“Apart from the preventive measures set by the government one has to have a strong immune system to fight the pandemic.

“It is of this view that we decided to come here to assist those that are finding difficulties to sustain themselves during this period of COVID-19,” she said.
She therefore said the elderly should have confidence and belief that they can beat COVID -19 as it does not have cure or medication but it can be controlled and contained.

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